About Us

Napier is pleased to announce the formation of a new group of industry professionals dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in field sports.

For some time Napier has benefited from feedback from a number of shooters around the world, and has always sought consumer comments to aid the development and improvement of its products. The Apex range has been particularly benefited by this process.

Now the Napier Field Masters group has been assembled specifically to gather invaluable hands on feedback on all Napier products but in particular the prototypes of new lines as they are developed, all regions have specific needs and challenges, and with this in mind the FIELD MASTERS group is drawn from around the world.

Apart from working closely with Napier, each Field Master will present an informative article regularly that will be hosted on Napier’s sites in the UK USA and New Zealand.

The distinctive new Field Masters Logo will identify our correspondents, the 7 founder members represent interests and experience from across the world, a very select group, ultimately up to just 12 members worldwide.

So meet the team, and look out for more posts in the coming weeks.