Mississippi Hunters

The Mississippi River it is a fickle mistress. Most years she overflows her banks and gently deposits fertile soil from America’s Midwest farm lands across hundreds of thousands of acres of the Deep South. Those annual floods replenish nutrients in our soil. One of the many benefits is how much it helps to provide the […]

Napier Fieldmaster Bob Spain recounts his last Tahr Hunt in New Zealand’s South Island.

Napier Fieldmaster BOB SPAIN recounts his last Tahr Hunt in New Zealand’s South Island.

Tahr were first introduced into NZ by their government in 1904, a gift from the Duke of Bedford of just 13 animals from his herd at Woburn abbey.
They are now considered a major pest and are actively culled by hunters and
DOC Cullers. Sounds familiar? remember he gave us the Reeves Muntjac in
the UK!!!

It’s a world away from most UK hunters both in distance and endeavour, a tough animal in a tough terrain hunted by tough hunters. Fantastic to read, Thanks so much Bob

Steve Rowe MD Napier of London

Tick Survey

One of things I have been involved in for the last 18 months is working with Public Health England on a deer serosurveillance study for tick-borne viruses. Essentially I collect deer serum and tick samples from each deer shot and then send those off along with some general information about deer species, general condition / location etc to the team at Porton Down.